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Review quotes for Messages
The quotes are beginning to come in for Messages. What are readers saying? Take a look.

"If I could make it more than five stars I would. What a fantastic story! The pace never slows down, just picks up speed all the way. And it's amazing how one little thing from the beginning is a huge tie into the end. Phenomenal! Very well done! He kept it all close to his chest and didn't give anything away until the end." ~Reviewer Donna Snow

"Messages, by John Michael Hileman, is a high-energy, fast-paced work of fiction, packed with grit and substance. This edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller will entice readers from the first page to the last. --Hileman's book, Messages, becomes ever more engrossing with each mind-bending twist of its engaging plot." ~Literary Classics Book Awards and Reviews

"This book has many great twists and turns. It is a very well written suspense. For once, I did NOT have it totally figured out until the author wanted me to. To me, that's great suspense ... There are strong Christian themes in the book, but they don't overpower the story line. I think if I were in David's shoes, I might ask many of the same questions. "  ~Karen Baney, author of A Heart Renewed

"Messages, by John Michael Hileman, is one of the most suspenseful books I've come across in a long time. --I literally couldn't put it down! From the very first page, I was swept away. The characters are well developed, the plot is masterfully woven and the subject is entirely fresh." ~Dianna Young, author of Muted Grey

Hileman is a genius at developing suspense, giving enough breadcrumbs along the way to satisfy, but pleasantly surprising me near the end to find that he’d been holding the truth close to the chest, waiting for that right moment to spring it on me. ~Rosie Cochran Author of A Murder Unseen

"Finished Messages last night. Loved it. Very imaginative and story was fantastic. It's rare I read a book that my husband or sons might enjoy, but I've no doubt they'd thoroughly enjoy this! Good job!" ~Reviewer Joleen Hevner

"Hileman has the gift of creating intricate, tightly woven subplots for a cast of characters who come to life with each paragraph ... Messages can hold its own against the work of David Baldacci, John Grisham and other skilled storytellers." ~Reviewer Janice Daku

"There are books that you begin to read and pick them up occasionally when you have ample time to read. Then there are books that you begin to read and you pick them up when you have just a couple of minutes to read because you can't wait to find out what happens next. That is how I would describe this book. I downloaded it two nights ago and haven't watched tv so that I could enjoy this book." ~ Reviewer Lisa Norsworthy

"You're killing me John! I'm 20 chapters into Messages and I REALLY should get some sleep. But I don't want to quit reading!"~Blogger Teisha Priest

"I L O V E this book and the thing that I didn't so much care for was that it ENDED!!!!! For a day and a half I COULD NOT put it down... I really tried to make it last so I could read it nights, at work - but NOOOOOOOOO, it wouldn't leave me alone. It kept calling me back... and I promised that I would only read two chapters and then get some housework done... uh ah - I stayed in that book and finished it . . and now I... N E E D MORRRRRRRRRRREEEEE !!!!!"  ~ Debbe Murray

"@JohnHileman man...your book - messages - RAAAAWK'd!! i'm just sayin!!! i read it in 2 - count them TWO sittings!!"  ~ Marie Wikle

"Fast paced, interesting ideas, and a drive-a-train-off-a-cliff ending." ~Jacob Eggart

"I love to read and suspense is one of my favorite genres. However, if the plot doesn't grab me within the first chapter, I won't go any further ... I couldn't put this one down." ~Sue Morse

 "With a deft hand at creating believable characters and plausible situations, the author delivers an entertaining read that defies a casual approach. Once you get hooked into the story, you just have to find out how it ends." ~Beth Agnew

"Just finished reading this book. Well written. Pulled me right into the story and left just enough detail out for imagination to draw and then paint the colors! I enjoyed it... First book in a while I have stopped everything else to find out what happens next!" ~Matt Merrill

"Read the entire thing last night. Went to bed at 3AM.Thanks John for keeping me up so late!!! LOL great work, will have to read the first book too. I'm seriously impressed." ~Denise Buzzelli

"Messages is a must read!" ~Frank Baily

"I love reading your book. I think your style is simple, yet you are able to make your readers paint a vivid image of the scenes" ~Fabrione

"I am up to chapter 15 and didn't want to go to bed, can't wait to read more tonight" ~Lisa Berube

"I am writing to tell you how much I'm enjoying "Messages!". Seriously I find myself wanting to sit and read all the time, but I have to save it for the times I have time!! It's been a long time since I got hooked into a fiction novel, I usually read those that will help with my walk with the Lord and marriage ones. Yours is a great escape, please write more. I'm going to read "Vrin" next! This is also the first time I downloaded them to our IPad, so pray my husband may read them! Thank You, God has blessed you with an amazing gift, so glad He has helped you share it and I know it will continue!" ~Sharon Sleeper

"I started reading this last night and I couldn't put it down. So far I am loving it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a book to read. And it is only $2.99 for the Kindle version! That's cheaper than a gallon of gas and this book has taken me to more places than a gallon of gas could." ~Sara Thomas

Review quotes for VRIN: ten mortal gods

“Absolutely fabulous! Suspenseful- Good plot- Good message.
Some books, you read once, then pass it along- But this one is a keeper!
You get something new every time you read it.”
(Joni, age 50, homemaker/carpenter's assistant)

“It's a cool story. I liked the concept and the exploration
of who we are.” (Carl, age 47, Biochemical Researcher)

“I think it's pretty cool and awesome.
I've read up to chapter eight so far.” (Danika, age 11)

“Some parts I didn't understand ... But other parts-
I didn't want to put it down!” (Natalie, age 74, grandmother)

“For me there was no question, I HAD to finish the book.”
(Kate, age 22, artist)

“I started it and I couldn't put it down. I stayed up 'till 2:00AM to finish it.
He needs to write a second book soon!”
(Teisha, age 25, wife and mother)

“VRIN: ten mortal gods is a wonderful creation woven with
intriguing characters and thought provoking adventure ...
I have really enjoyed it.” (Merrianne, age 17)

“This is the first book I've enjoyed in a long time. The characters are vivid and strong. It's enticing- imaginative- riveting. Each chapter leaves me thirsty for the next one-- kind of like (the show) 24.”
(Ernie, age 55, manager of a mental health facility)

“I don't even like science fiction/fantasy, but once I started reading VRIN, I wanted to keep reading it 'till I was done. It was deep enough to really make me think ...
but not so deep that I couldn't understand it.
(Hope, age 31, homeschooling mom)

“I get annoyed when real world events pull me out of the world of VRIN.”
(Dean, age 37, web developer)

“... tremendously entertaining ... (VRIN has) intrigue, plot twists, and surprisingly new elements. This could easily be adapted to the big screen and would sell a lot of popcorn. War and Peace?- No! Good story line and fun to read?- Absolutely!”
(Adam, age 42, gentleman and avid reader)

"Since I'm not much of a pleasure reader, I have to thank John for writing a book that I could actually enjoy. The book was appropriately cerebral and completely accessible. I was hooked within the first ten pages. When John releases his next book, I'll definitely read it."
(Greg, Cell phone Sales)